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Breezair, Service, Coolbreeze, Bonaire, Braemer, Coolair, Convar, Celair
Welcome To A 7 Day Evap Air Conditioning. We offer comprehensive air conditioning unit servicing and repairs throughout Perth. Our expert team offers flexible hours, with after hours service available with a booking. We strive to offer a time-efficient, thorough and cost effective service with unbeatable customer service. At A 7 Day Evap Air Conditioning, we are able to service units from many leading brands including Evap, Breezair, Service, Coolbreeze, Bonaire, Braemar , Coolair, Convair, and Celair.
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Breezair, Service, Coolbreeze, Bonaire, Braemer, Coolair, Convar, Celair

What Unit Is Best For You?

Care should be taken when purchasing evaporative systems to ensure that the unit is adequately sized for your particular requirements. As a guide, the entire volume of the space(s) to be cooled should be flushed through every 2 minutes (or around 30 air changes per hour). Make sure you obtain an accurate sizing quote from your air-conditioning specialist before purchasing your system. Have a look at Breezair, Service, Coolbreeze, Bonaire, Braemar , Coolair, Convair, and Celair units. 

Where Will Evaporative Systems Work Best?

The performance of evaporative systems deteriorates as the humidity increases. Consequently, evaporative systems are not suitable for the humid northern, coastal regions of Western Australia. They are generally suitable for areas with dry summers, such as inland and southern regions (including Perth), although their effectiveness will be reduced during the occasional periods of humid weather that these areas can experience if you notice a reduction in the units efficiency then having it serviced may reveal any potential faults that exist at the time of inspection . 
We repair and can replace parts on faulty air conditioners, our licensed technicians carry a wide range of parts in there Vans to get your unit working correctly that day.

Filters fitted and replaced.dedicated repair provider for evaporative conditioning.

We work with Breezair, Cool breeze, Bonaire, Braemar, Coolair, Convair and Celair units.

Book A Service Or Repair Today 

Dedicated repair provider for evaporative conditioning units.

If you’re after a service or repair on your air-conditioning unit, please contact our booking office on
 0401 767 771. After hours and weekend bookings essential
We service and repair listed brands. Any work to be carried out is quoted first and then the price is fixed with no hidden costs for that repair, so you know were you stand. Also, all work has a comprehensive 1 year warranty on parts and labor for you piece of mind.
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